Our promise? Delivering quality and excellence.

Our founding team are industry professionals with many years combined experience in short-term rentals. Working with hundreds of businesses has helped unearth many underused best practices for running a successful enterprise. Using a unique blend of skills, we strive to find improvements, remaining flexible for your business needs.

Our vibe? We love to help.

We love helping people who operate in the vacation rental sector focus on what matters most; realising dreams. Efficient operations ensure you can focus on business growth or pursuits and pastimes. Simply put, we are your trusted partner for success.

Our people? Meet the team.

  • Tatiana Oliveira - Founder & CEO [LinkedIn]

    Originally from the vibrant city of Porto, Tatiana is now based in Barcelona and has a wealth of expertise nurturing property managers to grow and develop. Through successful experience at industry mainstays, such as Kigo, and founding a short-term rental business, Tatiana’s journey set the scene to kickstart VR Coach based on a vision of a better global market standard. She also has a passion for travel, art exhibitions and her beloved beagle.

  • Adam Alexander - Co-Founder & COO [LinkedIn]

Hailing from Dundee, Scotland, Adam relocated to Barcelona for sunnier skies and to satisfy his big passion for startups. Adam brings twelve years experience in sales, marketing and business building. He has had successful stretches at industry innovators such as Airdna and Hostaway, selling data & SaaS solutions, alongside founding a cleaning and home services company. He enjoys travel, cycling and is an avid music enthusiast.